ten ten releases new track “Quemado”

QUEMADO is a collaborative piece incorporating shamisen, taiko set, and flamenco dancing.
Listen here:  https://tenten1.bandcamp.com/track/quemado

The music is composed by Aki Takahashi and choreographed by flamenco dancer Kiyo Asaoka. The word “quemado” means “burnt” in Spanish, and the title is used to describe the spirit of the flamenco dance, as well as the intensity of this piece, both in terms of the music and the dancing.

This piece was originally created for a live performance at ten ten’s CD release concert in 2013. We have also invited Heidi Chan to join us in this endeavor, adding her traditional bamboo flutes and percussive accents to the piece. Since then, the piece has undergone many changes as it evolved to suit the wide variety of venues where we have performed it.

This year, 2021, Aki and Heidi completed a recording of this piece adding a new section and instruments. This audio recording is the full version of Quemado.

This new Quemado piece will continue to evolve as we, ten ten and Kiyo, use it to create a video recording.

We hope you will be moved by how music and movement intermingle to create a dynamic and evocative work unstifled by the global pandemic.