ten ten is an evolving art experiment with its roots in the Japanese folk tradition
in the Japanese alphabet, “ten ten” refers to two dots used to change the sound of a syllable
in the same spirit, ten ten strives to create its own unique voice for Japanese folk music breathing new life into this traditional art form

Ten Ten Website

Thank you for visiting ten ten’s new website. Please check back later for more photos, videos and updates!

JI GOE Online Workshop

Aki Takahashi recently completed a 4-part online workshop series for kadon. Participants learned to use their voice as a percussive instrument, the perfect accompaniment to simple beats using your hands, bachi, or taiko.

Ten Ten & Chieko Kojima

Just days before Toronto was going to lockdown because of COVID-19, Ten Ten had a very special performance with renowned dancer Chieko Kojima of Kodo on Saturday, March 14, 2020.  The full house audience enjoyed both traditional and more contemporary styles of dance and music.