Tasogare (between us)

Tasogare (between us) is a new play inspired by the 1927 novella Kappa by Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa about a man who gets lost and ends up in the land of Kappa- a popular yokai. In Tasogare (between us) the characters Claire and Haruna are flying to Toronto and Tokyo respectively, but unknowingly land instead in the yokai world and have to navigate their way back.

Location: Lyons Family Studio LR Wilson Hall 1049
Rehearsal: Dec 4-Dec 20th
Performance Dec 20th 730pm

Produced by Exchange Rate Theatre
Directed by Claire Calnan and Haruna Kondo
Created by Haruna Kondo, Claire Calnan and Anna Chatterton
Musician/Composer: Aki Takahashi (Canada)
Performed by:
Haruna Kondo (Japan),
Claire Calnan (Canada),
Teiya Kasahara (Canada),
Kyoko Sugino (Japan),
Mirror Huang (China)

This international workshop is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Hamilton City Enrichment Fund.