Music video release premieres

With funding from the Canada Council for the Art’s Digital Now program, ten ten was able to produce three music videos.  The videos were skillfully directed and conceptualized by Cailleah Scott-Grimes and Gina Hara.  One video will be premiered on the 21st of every month beginning in June.  Please join ten ten on the release of each video on the following dates and times:
Tuesday, June 21 @ 7 pm (EST). Video release of Ya Hoi Yasakoi featuring the Sakuramai Dancers.
Watch the video trailer:
Thursday, July 21 @ 7 pm (EST). Video release of Do-karaka Don featuring dancer Yurika Watanabe Hinkle.
Watch the video trailer
Sunday, August 21 @ 7 pm (EST). Video release of Quemado featuring flamenco dancer Kiyo Asaoka.
Watch the video trailer.   

Check out behind the scenes footage of the making of the videos as well as interviews by the performers.  Behind the Scenes video here!